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Who We Are

Norse mythology tells us that Odin, the wise god of war, willingly gave up an eye for a drink from the well of wisdom, whose water impart cosmic knowledge. Where we might not willingly give up an eye like Odin did, we do have a thirst for the pursuit of knowledge. We, at Odin Innovations, Inc., are dedicated to designing innovative products and finding creative solutions to adapt into our ever-changing world.

Legend has it, one of us at Odin Innovations, Inc. is a little more like Odin than you might think. We invite you to join us in our journey of seeing things differently. As you get to know us and our products, see if you can't make the connection between Odin and our team.

Research and Development

We are using our design expertise to bring new and innovative advancements to the airsoft industry.

3D Printer Prototyping

We can turn great ideas into successful products by first prototyping them on our 3D printer. 

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