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M12 Sidewinder Magazine Adapters

The Odin M12 Sidewinder has been designed for use with M4 type AEG magazines. Not wanting to leave anyone out in the cold we are developing adapters for a variety of different magazines. We want everyone to be able to use the M12 Sidewinder so we are making the adapter files available for free. Simply download the files for the adapter components you are interested in and 3D print or have someone else print the main components. The adapters may use screws, nuts, pins, O-rings, and springs for the assembly and those components will need to be purchased separately. The files will have overhanging sections and every printer is a little different so there will need to be the removal of support, clean up, filing, and assembly.

It is suggested that all components are printed with ABS at .1-.15mm layer height with supports everywhere turned on. The Nozzle should be printed on its side for strength with the small flat facing down. The sides should be printed with the outside down and the BB track up.

The Nozzle is universal for all adapters unless told otherwise in the individual adapter instructions. If you decide to click the ALL ADAPTERS button, there is already a nozzle file in each adapter folder, you do not need to download

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